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Balancing Act!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

We all have our own balancing act. No balancing act is equal. Given our times now, it seems everyone is balancing something. We are not necessarily balancing the same way and the same thing. There is no right way, there is only your way and what is best for your family.

What may be easy for you is difficult for others and visa versa! Our kids are no different. The burdens and frustrations are no different either. It’s best to discourage the assumption on what YOU think is easy for them to manage. Kids are great imposters! It is important to check in frequently (even if they don't like it) as a way to:

1) Create a “family narrative” around the complexities of navigating COVID life.

2) Model what that narrative may be!

Acknowledge confusion, disconnects, and any challenges.

Example: Isn't it frustrating that some sports are playing and some aren't? It's going to be great when we start up again. I love to watch you play and have fun. What are you most looking forward to?

How are we managing the narrative around all of what we are having to do to cope with struggle and frustration? Though there are many things we can not control, we CAN have control of the narrative!


~Subscribe to a narrative around the challenge.

~Keep it positive and solutions focused.

~Keep a “forward narrative” (looking to the future and all solutions that are ahead)

If you are balancing family, sports, school, work, and socialization for you and your kids, just know it's important to root down on your family's needs first before anything else and GROW from there!

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