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Meet the founder of MindGrowthLab

Customized mental performance programs for clubs and organizations

Karrie Poppinga,MSCP
MHC, Athletic and Motivational Coach, Pre Licensed Mental Health Counselor 
"My growth is cultivating growth in others"

My name is Karrie Poppinga, and I’m thrilled to have MindGrowthLab be another resource to help grow and cultivate strong women. I’ve been so lucky to have had teachers, coaches and mentors help me navigate my athletic journey but more importantly, they have helped me root down life lessons that have really helped me grow into who I am. This is why MindGrowthLab was created, namely to give back and support coaches and players in their own growth and development.

I’m originally from Manhattan Beach, California and have lived in Germany in my younger years. I played volleyball for the University of Hawaii, a  2 x All American,  and NCAA Champion.


After my collegiate career, I continued to play professionally overseas  in Italy and Holland. When I returned back to the States, I stepped into beach volleyball where I was fortunate to play both on the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals)  and Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) for 6 years. I retired from playing professionally in 2001 and pursued my graduate work in Counseling Psychology. I’ve since been raising 2 amazing daughters, and have been coaching volleyball at a junior level and high school while working with adults and teens in Counseling since 2005. What makes this work so wonderful is that I have been at every seat of the athletic table! 

Let's huddle up and grow together!




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