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You are Resilient!

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

If I had a quarter for every time someone mentions "uncertainty" there would be a coin shortage! For several years now, the term “Grit” has been used to prove that determination and a little discomfort is helpful in the growth process with regard to learning. The times and environment have shifted (literally and figuratively), to where there is a demand in resilience. All of this uncertainty has made for many to be fatigued and just over it. The frustration of not knowing when we can all move freely, or when we can return to competition, or even training is exhausting. Even if we KNEW when that magic time would be, the possibility of yet another change in plans is unsettling.

Acknowledging the frustration, glancing forward at the possibility for unexpected change, lends some grace. In other words, avoid the fixed mindset! Seek and be aware of the growth mindset and the benefits of change. It truly is amazing what you can accomplish when you think and believe it will! A great analogy is the Palm tree! A Palm tree can withstand turbulent weather and high winds where Oak trees, though seem indestructible, can be torn away from its shallow roots. Palms can whip back to its original form and posture. May we all bend, sway and have the fortitude to handle the uncertainty.

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