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Who we serve


Your mindset and social emotional awareness are vital components to living and experiencing success. MindGrowthLab is committed to helping you with mental toughness, mindfulness, and a growth mindset while providing you with the tools to become the best version of you!


Whether you are coaching at a College or Junior Level, there is some power in understanding the social emotional development of the athlete. Managing young women while cultivating growth in their physical and mental capacity requires intention.  Let us integrate our knowledge and collaborate to shape your team and provide what you are looking for!


Raising young women takes a village! Who is in your village? Instilling confidence and empowering young women to overcome adversity and handle tough situations is no easy task. Let MindGrowthLab be part of your village and help give you insight into cultivating your budding young athlete!


At MindGrowthLab we are committed to the growth, confidence, and mindset of young women, and collaborating with coaches to develop a culture that promotes it.





Juliann Faucette Johnson

Professional VB Athlete

Salima is one of those women you hope to have in your life. I was lucky enough to be coached by her my last two years in college and I can honestly say I don't know how I did those first two years without her! She is not only a phenomenal coach but an amazing mentor as well. Because Salima played the game at a high level, I felt that she understood me and the path I was on. She pushed me, held me up, listened to me, and most importantly, she believed in me. I'm proud to call her a friend. Her knowledge of the game of volleyball is admirable and I'm forever grateful that I was able to be a mentee to such a wonderful woman.

Sarah E.

John’s Hopkins-Conference Rookie of the Year

To this day, Coach Poppinga has molded my ability to lead in any setting that I’m in! Her mentorship and guidance is something I know I can always fall back on


Mother of Simone Lee

Salima is a talented volleyball coach. She has achieved many accolades for both her collegiate and professional play, and coaching. Fortunately for our family, those successes translated to how well she coached and counseled our daughter  at Penn State University. Because of Salima’s guidance and leadership, our daughter’s mental and physical game grew. She was like a mother away from home; and for this I will forever be grateful. Salima interacts effortlessly with parents like me. And she will honestly advise you of your athlete’s strengths, and shortcomings. She will give your daughter workable recommendations for any needed improvements. She helped our daughter understand the importance of focus and discipline, while still enjoying the sport she loves.
Salima is a delight!

Madalena Almanza

St Stephen's Episcopal School Alum  and

University of Texas Graduate

Volleyball more than any other sport taught me how to stay in the present and to not dwell on my mistakes. While I played many other team sports, it was high-school volleyball that grew me into a true team player. I learned that being a good teammate was a balance of picking your teammates up in some moments and challenging them to do better in others. The best part of my high school volleyball team was that it was mind & body conscious.

Coach Karrie was conscientious of our growth on and off the court, facilitating many team events that would help us grow our communication and goal setting skills. As we grew on the court as athletes and volleyball players, we simultaneously grew as young women and team players. Although I didn’t go on to play collegiate volleyball the communication and goal setting skills I learned in the system sport translated into many other facets of my life. 


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